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 Perhiasan Spesial Selangkangan Kritik Citra Badan Langsing Wanita

Desainer asal Singapura Soo Kyung Bae bikin lini perhiasan spesial untuk selangkangan wanita. Tetapi perhiasan ini sesungguhnya cuma dapat digunakan oleh wanita yang mempunyai jarak antar paha hingga perhiasan dapat terpasang prima.
Perhiasan ini bakal menggantung dengan indahnya diantara dua paha, terlebih waktu wanita itu berdiri. Tiap-tiap perhiasan di buat dari emas 18 karat yang dilapis perak. Harga nya yaitu pada 175-195 Dolar Amerika atau setara dengan Rp 2, 3-2, 5 juta. ADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads
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Perhiasan Ini Nyatanya Lebih Menarik dari Emas
Bentuk Kasih Sayang yang Terpancar dalam Koleksi Berlian Terbaru
Faedah Menakjubkan Silika Gel yang Tidak Anda Ketahui

Tetapi, Anda tak betul-betul dapat memesannya. Jikalau Anda mencarinya dari website yang sediakan perhiasan itu yaitu di tgapj. com, Anda cuma dapat memasukkannya ke keranjang namun tak dapat membelinya.
Sudah pasti, lantaran website yaitu website fiksi. Perhiasan itu tak betul-betul di jual, namun cuma untuk mengkritik citra badan langsing wanita. Celah diantara paha yaitu satu tanda badan langsing seseorang wanita. Sinyal ini lengkapi sebagian sinyal lain yaitu tulang rusuk tampak, betis kecil, pantat diisi, serta dada besar.

Perhiasan selangkangan. Sumber : TGAPJ

Saya mengharapkan dapat memprovokasi orang-orang masalah citra badan langsing wanita yang sesungguhnya tak mesti jadi desakan untuk beberapa wanita, kata Bae pada Dezeen, seperti diambil pada Jumat (1/4/2016).

Perhiasan selangkangan. Sumber : TGAPJ

Waktu product itu di luncurkan pada 22 Maret lantas, Bae terima beberapa kritikan. Tetapi, saat orang tahu maksudnya bikin perhiasan unik itu, ia juga terima animo.

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Beautiful Woman Happy Friends with Gay Men?


Beautiful Woman Happy Friends with Gay Men?
                         - The beautiful woman on average had gay friends, because they can not trust a man who easily exploit them sexually. Researchers also found a very lovely lady is not popular among women, because they feel threatened or scared they captured the beautiful girlfriend.
In the world of celebrity was the beautiful often have gay friends. Liz Hurley are friends with Elton John and David Furnish after split with Steve Bing. In the TV show Will and Grace told her the friendship between Will Truman, a gay lawyer with Grace Adler, an interior designer.
The study of beautiful women and gay best friend is conducted by researchers from the University of Texas Arlington in two parts.
In the first, they asked 68 young women to be photographed. The photo was rated a panel from the rate a scale of 1 to 10 for the attractiveness of them.
Then the photographs were shown to a group of 103 people consisting of heterosexual men and women were asked how they agree to the statements of a scale of 1 to 7.
Men were asked how inclined they are to: seduce women, convincing women to have sex, telling women how he wants to hear in order to have sex and assured her that he was a good partner.
Women were asked how inclined them to feel threatened by women, competing with him to scramble a couple, withhold information about potential partner of the woman, and distract her from a couple of potential interest as well as by himself.
It may be predicted, he will be more likely to cheat and have sex with the most attractive women.
The results of the study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences revealed a more attractive target heterosexual men tend to be deluded and deceived by the woman.
In the second study, 68 women in the study first asked to create groups of friends looking to allocate friend dollars for individuals of different genders and orientations. Researchers found the most beautiful woman give a dollar more on the gay male friends.
The women were also asked what is valued friendship with a gay man. Among the reasons to appreciate friendship with gay it is the advice of the relationship with a girlfriend and clothing.
Researchers led by Prof. Eric Russell says this study proves the perception that gay men appreciate beautiful women more than sex.
In conclusion, the researchers say the discovery proves beautiful women are more likely to be sexually exploited and deceived men and heterosexual women. Heterosexual woman's physical beauty is systematically related to the desire to have a gay male friend.
The present invention provides support in mind, that the content of the attractiveness of women plays an important role with their desire to form friendships with gay men, researchers said.
This study concludes friends with men may be an important feature in the strategy of women to find a partner, particularly among beautiful women who face a greater threat than other heterosexual men and women.

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Emergency, Fasting But Weight Even Up! - Compass.

Emergency, Fasting But Weight Even Up! - Compass.
A glass of sweet iced tea with brownish water over the grains of glass looks so refreshing, fit for fasting. Pictured, when the drink was flowing into the mouth, the sweetness of a tongue addicted. The esophagus is a day of parched suddenly moist and fresh.
Indeed, sugary drinks often a start-up menu for the fasting person after a day of hunger and thirst. Not quite there, the next menu is equally sweet, compote or fruit ice bersirup often eaten anyway.
If you wish Fasting is an event of ideal body shape, then vanished this expectation. Dish above will actually make weight gain, even though you had a month of fasting. How so?
Clinical nutrition specialist, Saptiawati Bardosono, explain that you gain weight when Fasting caused the error type and amount of food consumption.
"" The drinks and sugary foods makes the brain tend to be quickly feel satisfied, even though the calories you drink is already a lot, '' said Saptiawati quoted by Kompas.com, Monday (06/30/2014).
Kompas.com/Sri Anindiati Nursastri Assorted compote, fruit ice, and ice cantaloupe bloom sold during the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately, most of these foods contain high sugar.

Not only that. Processed foods and sugary drinks-including biscuits, chocolate, or candy-is a kind of simple carbohydrates that are easily digested body into blood sugar.
When consumed, blood sugar will soar high and then fall quickly. The body becomes weak, drowsiness, and easily hungry even though the calorie consumption is enough.
"" Not to mention the impact of sugary drinks and foods are addictive. After drinking or eating sweets, people are more likely to want to eat sweet things again, ' "said Saptiawati.
If you intend to have a thinner body when Eid, should replace the opening menu with healthy sweet foods such as dates or other fruits. Dates was actually better direct ripe from the tree. It seemed too sweet and slightly sepet, with dates in different grocery stores in the country.
But if you prefer the other fruit, the consumption of which contain lots of water such as watermelon and cantaloupe. Do not forget, also multiply the water intake to avoid dehydration.
Additionally, the main menu should be noted also break their fasting. Nutrients are most needed by the body after a day of fasting is a complex carbohydrate that can be found in brown rice, black rice, and boiled potatoes.
This type of fiber-rich carbohydrates so that the body is absorbed slowly. By doing so, the blood sugar goes up regularly and inserted slowly into the cells by insulin. Already a healthier body, scales shrink anyway.
In addition, protein is also an important compound for tubug. Fish, meat, or egg whites must enter the menu. Conversely, high fat foods such as fried foods or fast food is better avoided. If not, certainly successful weight increases.
Not only foods and beverages that need to be sorted carefully. You also must be alert to the amount of intake during Ramadan.
The simple formula for weight loss is the energy burned must be more than deposited. That is, consumption should be limited. Do not go crazy when eating the iftar meal.
"" If the meal (portion) is normal, open (also) normal, weight can be decreased because of the time we do not eat as much as a normal day, "" said a doctor of nutrition Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Fiastuti Witjaksono, filtered nationalgeographic.co.id Thursday (18/06/2015).
In addition to the amount of intake, total activity shall be the record anyway. When the fasting month we usually less eager to move, let alone exercise. In fact, to support weight loss programs, exercise needs to be done.
THINKSTOCKPHOTOS use health app to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight.
So as not attacked by dehydration, do the exercise on the afternoon before iftar. Do not be too heavy, lightweight running one kilometer enough to burn fat. Or, if possible, you can insert sports schedule after breaking the fast.
Because a lot of things need to be considered, you better take advantage of applications that can help keep the intake and activity. Select the application that has features of daily activity in order to diet and time consumption can be arranged. For example, the amount of food when the meal, or iftar.
Not only that, the time to make ends meet tight enough fluids during the fasting month. Therefore, better application can also help you set the frequency of drinking water every day. Medcare application, for example, has a total adjustment feature drinks in a single day.
Application compatible with IOS and Android operating systems can also schedule time you exercise and rest. If you have this, there was no reason forget. Most importantly, your motivation should be high.
Happy fasting!

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Cara Menurunkan Berat Badan Setelah Melahirkan

Cara Menurunkan Berat Badan Setelah Melahirkan

7 Hambatan Umum Untuk Losing Weight

Kehilangan berat badan tidak hanya membuat seseorang merasa lebih baik, tetapi juga meningkatkan kesehatan mereka secara keseluruhan. Diet dan berpartisipasi dalam olahraga teratur sering lebih mudah dikatakan daripada dilakukan, karena godaan sehari-hari dapat menyebabkan seseorang goyah dari tujuan yang dimaksudkan.
Bahkan hari yang menegangkan memiliki potensi untuk mengesampingkan harapan Anda. Tidak hanya mencapai berat badan tes kesabaran dan tekad, Anda juga mungkin menghadapi banyak kendala umum, yang meningkatkan kesulitan tugas yang mengubah hidup ini. Di bawah ini Anda akan menemukan tujuh hambatan umum yang dihadapi orang-orang ketika mencoba untuk menurunkan berat badan:
1) Sikap
Ketika Anda mendekati berat badan sebagai sarana sementara untuk mengakhiri, seperti masuk ke sepasang tertentu jins atau mencari yang baik untuk reuni sekolah tinggi, Anda mungkin menghadapi kesulitan mencoba untuk secara permanen kehilangan pound. Sering kali, ketika orang tidak melihat hasil yang cepat, mereka kehilangan fokus dan sering menyerah. Berat badan adalah tujuan yang penting dan jika tidak ada yang mendorong Anda ke tingkat berikutnya, skala ini akan tetap sama.
2) Gaya Hidup
Jika Anda ingin menurunkan berat badan dan menjalani hidup sehat, maka Anda akan perlu mengubah cara hidup Anda. Ini doesn & rsquo; t memerlukan transformasi semalam, tetapi menemukan berkala cara-cara baru dalam melakukan sesuatu sangat dianjurkan. Beberapa cara yang lain telah menemukan keberhasilan dalam mengubah gaya hidup mereka termasuk berkonsentrasi pada rutinitas sehari-hari, keterbatasan, jadwal, dan barang-barang makanan mereka mereka mengelilingi diri dengan.
3) Workouts
Tanpa latihan yang konsisten atau kegiatan, Anda akan menghadapi banyak kesulitan menurunkan berat badan. Meskipun dimungkinkan untuk menurunkan pound melalui diet saja, metode ini biasanya mencapai titik tertentu di mana hal-hal melambat. Latihan doesn & rsquo; t berarti Anda harus keluar keringat di gym selama tiga jam, tetapi Anda perlu untuk menemukan aktivitas yang wajar yang mendapat jantung memompa.
4) Kebiasaan Makan
Ketika Anda mampu mengubah cara Anda makan, Anda akan menikmati hasil penurunan berat badan jangka panjang. Ini berarti menjaga pikiran terbuka tentang mengganti makanan yang tidak sehat dengan pilihan yang lebih baik & hellip; setiap hari. Beberapa saran termasuk menjaga sebuah jurnal makanan, belajar bagaimana membaca dan membandingkan label makanan, sebelumnya porsi ekstra, dan membuat pilihan cerdas tentang apa yang Anda makan.
5) Lingkungan
Karena Anda tidak dapat mengontrol semua hal di sekitar Anda, Anda harus belajar bagaimana menghadapi lingkungan Anda. Misalnya, tempat kerja sering dipenuhi dengan banyak godaan, termasuk donat dan mesin penjual otomatis. Hal ini penting untuk mengelilingi diri Anda dengan hal-hal yang akan membuat Anda pada rencana diet Anda.
6) Sistem Dukungan
Memiliki sistem pendukung yang layak di sudut Anda saat Anda mencoba untuk menurunkan berat badan akan membantu Anda tetap di jalur. Kadang-kadang, hal ini membantu untuk mendorong anggota keluarga untuk makan makanan yang sama seperti yang Anda lakukan atau meminta mereka untuk menjaga makanan menggoda keluar dari pandangan Anda. Hal ini juga disarankan untuk meminta bantuan dari seorang teman yang bisa menjadi teman latihan Anda.
7) Spiritual dan Mental Wellness
Jika hal di masa lalu Anda, depresi, stres yang ekstrim, atau penghalang mental yang menyebabkan Anda untuk mendapatkan berat badan menahan Anda & ndash; itu sangat sulit untuk melihat hasilnya. Hal ini terutama sulit untuk menyerah hal yang sangat mungkin telah menjabat sebagai kenyamanan Anda melalui "badai." Ketika hal ini terjadi, cobalah menunjukkan dengan tepat perilaku yang terkait dengan tanggapan ini dalam kehidupan, yang dapat mengekang makan berlebihan emosional.

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Nutrition for Weight Loss Raising Children - Kompas.c

Nutrition for Weight Loss Raising Children - Kompas.c
                        QUESTION: Mrs. Sari was good, I had a child 13 months old, but weighed only 8 kg. When healthy, my son ate heartily. Drinking milk every time you drink an average of 100 ml and a day can be up 8-9 bottles. Fruit snacks that often I love apples, because he does not like sweets, biscuits while she likes savory savory. I want to ask, why the weight badanya hard to ride, my child is active and is now studying paved the way, so it's rather difficult to eat. Are there any suggestions what should I do? What foods can help improve my child's weight? Thanks (Wiwit, 25, Jakarta) ANSWER: Mrs. Wiwit good, to know the growth of ananda can be measured from the weight and body length, and whether food and nutrients that the mother provided during this enough or not is to check and monitor their growth, namely body weight , high badanya. Mom can check through KMS (Card Towards Healthy) Based Dietary Allowances for Indonesia, the average age of 1-3 years of normal weight of 12 kg and a height of 90 cm. Age 13 months of normal weight of about 9-10 kg. To ananda age of 13 months, based on the weight of the age, current weight ananda including weight kurang.Mengapa hard to ride? There are several things that should be considered. Does eating intake is sufficient in number? Do ananda often experience cough, runny nose or sore? Evaluation of nutrient intake: 100 ml of milk provide 60-70 kcal of energy. So, 8-9 @ 100 ml milk bottles containing 600-700 kcal energy. Other foods such as carbohydrates / energy substances, side dishes, fruit and vegetables should be provided with ample servings for growth and perkembangannya.Yang have to do to catch the mother's weight gain ananda is ensuring energy and nutritional needs are met. The nutritional needs of the age of 1-3 years are as follows: • Energy: 1000 kcal • Protein: 25 grams • Calcium 500 mg • Iron 8 mgNutrisi needed • Carbohydrates: rice / bread / noodles / potato / pasta for energy substances and gives a sense of satiety • Protein: animal side dish (eggs, fish, beef, chicken / duck, cow's milk); vegetable side dishes (tempeh, tofu, green beans, red beans, soy beans, soy milk) for growth, antibodies and endurance • Vitamins and minerals: mature fruits and vegetables are brightly colored as a regulator and protector as well as a source of fiber • Fats for sources of energy and substances to dissolve vitamin A, D, E, K.Jumlah servings recommended per day for ananda: • Rice software: 16-hr • Animal Lauk: 2-3 medium size portion of meat or chicken, fish more or less equal matchbox can be finely chopped, ripe mature • Vegetable Side dishes: 1 serving (tempe and tofu for a matchbox) • Vegetables: 2 servings or 2 medium bowl small -potong • Fruit: 3 servings or 1 medium orange and half bowl papaya slices • milk: 4 cups: @ 150 ml = 600 ml • margarine or oil for sauteing: 1 sdmContoh menu anakBangun sleep 06:00: milk 1 cup 150 mlPagi 07.00: rice is tender scrambled eggs + carrot: 1 cup anakPagi 09.00: papaya slices; ½ mangkokSnack 10:00: milk 1 cup 150 mlSiang 12.00: rice + software + minced chicken vegetable soup; 1 cup anakSnack 14.00; milk 1 cup 150 mlSnack 16.00: 2 children biscuit pieces and lemon juice ½ gelasSore 18.00: soft rice + vegetables and fish fry; ¾ cup anakMalam 20.00: 1 cup milk 150 mlTIPS • The choice of food for toddlers adapted to the new teeth growing and not yet complete and which is not optimal digestion. (Cook vegetables cooked with small pieces, minced meat or chicken is tender not tough, choose ripe fruit and sweet) • Encourage children to eat with the family, given the opportunity to choose their food and feed themselves. • portions of approximately one third of the adult food. • Eat together in a comfortable and pleasant. Respect your child if she does not want to eat. Notes: • It is advisable to make a note of what is eaten ananda and the number of portions every day. Then compared with ajuran meals a day to ensure nutritional needs are met. By ensuring ananda meal with ample servings per day is expected to gain weight, grow up healthy and able to catch up the weight. • When ananda does not want a full meal and the portions lacking kept within 1 week or weight has not increased in the first months should contact a doctor or nutritionist nearby healthy and prosperous .Semoga bermanfaatSalam
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Kerap Terkena Asap Polusi, Hati-hati Berat Tubuh Dapat Naik


Kerap Terkena Asap Polusi, Hati-hati Berat Tubuh Dapat Naik


Jakarta, Sampai kini paparan asap polusi lebih sama dengan permasalahan pernafasan atau jantung. Beberapa waktu terakhir studi mengungkap kalau paparan asap polusi dapat juga bikin seorang jadi gemuk. Ya, studi yang dikerjakan oleh peneliti dari Duke University ini memperbandingkan paparan asap polusi pada tikus. Rupanya, tikus yang kerap terkena asap polusi alami kenaikan berat tubuh lebih tinggi dibanding tikus yang didapatkan hawa bersih. Walau tikus-tikus itu diberikan makanan yang sama, ketidaksamaan paparan asap bikin penambahan berat tubuh yang berlangsung juga tidak sama, papar salah seseorang peneliti yang ikut serta, Prof Jungfeng Zhang, seperti diambil dari Daily Mail, Jumat (26/2/2016). Baca juga : Ingin Berdiet? Hati-hati, di Saat Ini Nafsu Makan Tengah Tinggi-tingginyaMenurutnya, peradangan kritis yang begitu mungkin saja berlangsung akibat paparan asap polusi ini disadari sebagai aspek yang berperan pada obesitas. Oleh karenanya, kami yakini paparan polusi hawa yang kritis tingkatkan resiko obesitas, tambah Zhang. Dalam studi ini, dua grup tikus diberikan diet yang sama. Tetapi grup pertama ditempatkan di ruang dengan paparan asap polusi, sesaat grup yang lain diberikan ruang dengan hawa yang bersih. Sesudah dilihat sepanjang 19 hari, diketemukan tikus yang terkena asap polusi alami kenaikan keseluruhan cholesterol sampai 97 %. Diluar itu, resistensi insulinnya juga bertambah. Tikus-tikus itu juga alami kenaikan berat tubuh yang lebih penting, dibanding dengan yang didapatkan hawa bersih. Berat tubuh tidak cuma permasalahan pola makan serta berolahraga, saat ini kami menyimpulkan kalau paparan asap polusi juga ikut bertindak dalam kenaikan berat tubuh, papar Zhang. Baca juga : Tidak Kalah dari Berolahraga, Pekerjaan Rumah Juga Dapat Bakar Kalori (ajg/up)